The below videos focus on your organisation’s business model, introducing the key elements of a good business model and covering areas such as resourcing and costs, performance drivers, staying true to your mission and planning for the future – to name just a few.

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What is your business model, and why do you need it?

A strong business model lays the foundation for a resilient organisation.

Knowing and defining exactly what you do, for whom, and how you make money is critical for success. In this video, Jane Arnott walks us through the key elements that every business model must have.

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Business model canvas: aspects and importance

So what is involved in creating a robust business model?

In this video, Jane Arnott introduces the business model canvas, a handy roadmap designed to drill down into the unique components of your organisation. Find out how your organisation can use it to develop and define a unique and resilient business model.

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Stay true to your mission

Why does your organisation exist?

Ellen Schuler explains why it’s important to keep your mission at the core of everything you do, and how other organisations have adapted to a changing world without compromising on their purpose.

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Theory of change

Theory of change is an effective way to plan for and evaluate the impact of social change.

By defining long-term goals and mapping out the necessary steps to achieve them, here’s how theory of change can empower your not for profit to identify positive social changes that you can work towards creating.

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Understanding and adapting to customer needs

Your organisation exists to fulfil a need for your customers, but what if that need changes?

Ellen Schuler shares some useful strategies and ideas that will keep you in tune with your market, while allowing you to refine your services to meet customer needs as they evolve.

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Know your strengths and weaknesses

It’s time to go beyond the humble SWOT analysis.

In this video, Ellen Schuler explores strategies that will help you identify your organisational strengths and weaknesses – and understand which ones you need to act on.

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Six performance drivers that impact your resilience

Organisational performance is multi-faceted; it can be difficult to define what drives or inhibits it.

In this video, Ellen Schuler describes six factors that can influence an organisation’s performance. We also drill down into strategies and techniques for improving the aspects that are holding you back.

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Resourcing and costs

The key to sustainability is a healthy financial position, but do you know how to get there?

Jane Arnott talks through some key considerations about your resourcing and costs; we also share some tips for reducing your expenses while maximising your use of resources.

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Planning for the future

Uncertainty is part and parcel of doing business, but being unprepared doesn’t have to be.

In this video, Ellen Schuler discusses how you can prepare your organisation for the future. Here’s how to plan and set goals to ensure you can adapt if things don’t go to plan, or deal with a crisis.

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Four ways to diversify your business model

When does diversifying make good business sense, and when does it not?

Jane Arnott shares four ways you can diversify to boost the resilience of your organisation, and provides insight into the things you need to consider for a successful transition.

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How resilient are your service distribution channels?

Your ‘where’ is just as important as your ‘why’.

In the world of not for profits, service distribution channels refers to the places you deliver your services. Jane Arnott explains how your physical (or virtual) presence can be strategic, and how it can further strengthen your business model.

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Useful tools

Let’s talk about PESTEL, context canvas, and competitor mapping.

Jane Arnott shares how you can use these three handy tools to refine your business model and implement stronger practices across your organisation.

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Facebook Live Q&A

CBB’s Business Consultants Jane Arnott, Ellen Schuler, and Andrew Ellis held a Facebook Live Q&A to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Business Resilience Toolkit’s business model content.

Happier staff = resilient organisation

Your staff are your most valuable resources; their productivity, satisfaction, and level of motivation will play a huge role in your overall resilience. So, how you can you make sure that your organisation is really looking after its people?

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