The below videos are dedicated to risk management. To operate responsibly and future-proof your organisation, you need robust risk management systems; here, we explain the types of risk that can affect your organisation, show you how to build a risk register, provide strategies for managing different types of risk, and much more.

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Why risk your organisation's resilience?

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What is risk and risk management?

You’ve heard the terms, but do you understand risk and how it relates to you?

In this video, Jane Arnott defines risk and risk management in the context of not for profits, and how varying levels of risk appetite can make or break an organisation.

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The three different types of risk and how to manage them

Risks come in many forms – and they can sometimes be opportunities, rather than problems.

Andrew Ellis defines and details the three types of risk not for profits may face, and shares practical steps for mitigating and managing them.

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How to build a risk register

Having a comprehensive risk register will help your organisation identify and manage risks by fostering accountability and attention to detail.

Andrew Ellis provides an overview of the important components of a risk register, and shows how you can implement one for your organisation.

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Having a robust risk framework

When it comes to organisational resilience, your risk management framework is one of your most important systems.

In this video, Andrew Ellis walks us through an example risk framework developed especially for not for profit organisations.

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Five steps to develop your risk maturity

Are you wondering how your organisation’s risk management stacks up?

Andrew Ellis provides an overview of the stages of risk maturity, from reactive to proactive, and outlines practical steps for improving your approach to risk.

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How to write an effective business continuity plan

A business continuity plan is an important document to have in a crisis.

It outlines how your organisation will continue to operate, what processes or services must continue, and who will be there to support it. Andrew Ellis shares the important things to include in your business continuity plan.

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Testing and updating your business continuity plan

You already have a business continuity plan, so now what?

It’s necessary to regularly review and update your business continuity plan, and test its effectiveness in your current context. Andrew Ellis shares his tips for ensuring your plan is as accurate and robust as possible.

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Risk and opportunity in the budget and strategy

Risk should be a part of everything we do – that includes strategy and budget.

In this video, Andrew Ellis explains how considering both risks and opportunities when developing strategies and budgets can help you anticipate challenges and barriers that might stop you from achieving your objectives.

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Five tips for monitoring and reporting on risk

Prevention is better than cure.

Risk should always be on the agenda; early identification can help your organisation avoid or minimise any resulting fallout. Andrew Ellis shares some practical tips for monitoring and reporting on risk for organisational resilience.

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Facebook Live Q&A

Jane Arnott and Andrew Ellis held a Facebook Live Q&A to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Business Resilience Toolkit’s risk management content.

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